Giveaway: #SugarMyCloset


Name one thing a girl can’t live without? Yes, you all crave for it. Sugar. Jewelry. What if we tell you that not only we can give you jewelry, but also -and more importantly- can add some sugar to your accessory closet?

No we’re not talking about a way too early visit from Santa Claus or the resurrection of  Jesus, it’s the sweetest gift from Our favorite belgian accessory webshop Sugar for Your Closet. Owner Joke is celebrating the 1st anniversary of her e-store today and in the light of this great event, she’s giving away a gorgeous pair of Zoe And Morgan earrings. Silver or gold, the choice is all yours! Who needs a christmas tree when you can decorate your ears, right?

So now comes the important part, how can you get your hands on these lovely things? The only task is to answer the question: What is your favorite jewelry moment? This can be anything you think about: A YouTube video, a picture of yourself,… be creative!

However, we can’t make it that easy, follow the guidelines to let us know your answer:

1. Post your answer on Twitter with the hashtag #SugarMyCloset and add @EllaandLouise and @SugarForYourCloset

2. If you don’t have Twitter, not a problem, use Facebook. Make sure to use #SugarMyCloset and tag Ella & Louise and mention Sugar For Your Closet in your message.
*UPDATE!!!*: we’ve noticed that Facebook is acting a bit weird, so please post your message on our wall as well. We wouldn’t want to miss your jewelry moment…

3. Don’t have Facebook or Twitter? No worries, be original and grafitti it on a wall -but don’t forget to take a picture and e-mail it to us-

4. Do it Again. You are allowed to participate as often as you like.

Commenting on this post itself will not be enough, make sure to spread the word on Twitter/Facebook/The wall of your house, as we will be scowering the Interwebs for the most original, heartfelt or funny answer. On the 1st of December the winner will be announced and he/she will be able to let us know whether the golden or the silver pair is preferred.

If you lack inspiration, make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook account as we will also be answering the question ourselves! So my sweets, we will leave you with the following message:

Social Media is the word, #SugarMyCloset the hashtag!

Good luck!!!

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  1. love this website, i have visited the online store for a few times and every time i think: i like it! didn’t buy anything yet, but i am sure that i will soon! fabulous earrings i must say and the gold ones are definitely my favorite! anyway i am not creative so i am going to try to be creative! but my favorite jewelry moment was my wedding ring! it is a gorgeous all diamond simple ring and it belonged to my grandmother!

    Written by Absolutelymrsk on 23 November 2011

  2. Wow awesome giveaway I love Zoe and Morgan :) Those are these ones right!? For 146 pounds I better start thinking on how I’m gonna win this…

    Written by Sarah on 24 November 2011

  3. @Absolutelymrsk, as we said on twitter, gorgeous ring!!!

    @Sarah, indeed, very nice earrings -we’re very lucky- we look forward to reading your entry!

    Written by Marijs on 24 November 2011

  4. [...] are very happy to announce the winner of our Sugar For Your Closet competition. First of all we would like to thank everyone who competed! It was a very close call this time [...]

    Written by Who’s Closet will be Sugared? – Ella & Louise on 02 December 2011

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