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If I would have been a brunette, I would have dyed my hair to ombre hair a long time ago. I am however a very happy blonde (putting all my past and present hair-dying excursions aside). When one of my friends told me the other day that I should definitely dip dye my hair blue, I had to admit that I have been seriously thinking about it. Personally the pink dip dye seems like the better option but I can only commend women who sport the blue or green dip dye.


It started for me with the subtle dip dye of Kate Foley, a buyer for Opening Ceremony (see the picture above). This is a very realistic way of implementing the trend in my daily life and therefore an amazing dip dye inspiration. Patricia and I had fun some time ago with hairspray and blush, a temporary way to dip dye your hair (details here and here) and I was amazed with how well it works. I will definitely be applying this technique more and more. I have a wedding coming up, new years and several fashion parties, so no excuses for not going crazy with blush and pigments. But I figured it was time for the more serious work and decided to set up a inspiration folder of the best dip dyes. Partly to share my newest obsession with you but mostly to enjoy myself with this fun trend.




Black_dip_ dye Kate-Foley pink dip dye






Kate-Foley pink dip dye

Blue-dip-dyed-hair eleanor-strauss-pink-dip-dye

green dip dye

Anniiemal dip dye

Abby Lee Kershaw dip dye pinkAbby Lee Kershaw pink dip dye

Vogue-Australia-Blue-Dip_Dye Vogue-Australia-Blue-Dip_Dye

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  1. Was ik nog maar jong en onbezonnen! Ben ooit bedankt voor bewezen diensten in een school omdat ik (ca. 10 jaar terug) deze haartrend had toegepast!

    Written by absolutely mrs k on 28 November 2011

  2. Ik had m’n punten roze / rood ten tijde van Beyoncé en ‘Bootylicious’.
    Eerste middelbaar… Ik zal de blikken / commentaren nooit meer vergeten!
    Wie had gedacht dat het toch zo’n trend zou worden?
    Ik zal de dip & dye nooit beu geraken!

    x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

    Written by Krizia on 28 November 2011

  3. dit zou echt bij jou staan;) ik ben voorstander!!

    Written by Selina on 28 November 2011

  4. [...] a fan of the dip dye trend since it first started several years ago, I’m even a fan of the dip dying hair trend.  Therefore the combination of the shocking blue and the dip dye rocked my [...]

    Written by Promenade Through Paris – Ella & Louise on 23 January 2012

  5. [...] seen this lady quite a few times on the site because she is the first one that ever got me into the dip dye trend and she has been a source of interior design [...]

    Written by Style Highlight: Kate Foley – Ella & Louise on 09 May 2012

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    Written by Cotton Candy – Ella & Louise on 04 June 2012

  7. I wouldn’t dare trying this myself, but on these girls it does look good.
    Maybe you can try a non-permanant dip dye first ?


    Written by B. on 03 July 2012

  8. @B: The lovely Hiske at Snip Snip in Antwerp gave me one of those spray paints that you can color your hair with. Lots of fun! However it’s a fine line between dip dye and carnaval hair :)

    Written by Marijs on 03 July 2012

  9. Great dip dye inspiration!

    Written by Sarah on 03 July 2012

  10. Love this! I just bought dipdye and I couldn’t be more excited :) x

    Written by Mayflower on 11 October 2013

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