The Chanel Wall of Fame


As long as I can remember, I have been saying that I will buy a Chanel 2.55 bag with my first pay-check. That pay-check has come and gone over a year ago and I’m still in craving mode. But this bag is still my ultimate and favorite.

When one of my favorite go-to websites, The Coveteur, created “The Coveteur Hall of Fame” with their favorites of rare Chanel bags, I was in love. If you read the site on a regular basis, you get the opportunity to look into the closet and houses of trendsetters and industry professionals. This time they made a collection of all their visits showing the rarest and most beautiful Chanel pieces of their subjects. You will find the gems of Harley Viera Newton, Charlotte Ronson, Nicole Chavez (the trusted stylist of Rachel Bilson), Cher Coulter (stylist of Kate Bosworth), Kelly Sawyer, Estee Stanley, Suzanne Rogers, Jen Brill and many more. Here is a selection of my favorite pictures but if you want to read to entire article -and you should-, be sure to go to The Coveteur itself.

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Dip Dying Galore



If I would have been a brunette, I would have dyed my hair to ombre hair a long time ago. I am however a very happy blonde (putting all my past and present hair-dying excursions aside). When one of my friends told me the other day that I should definitely dip dye my hair blue, I had to admit that I have been seriously thinking about it. Personally the pink dip dye seems like the better option but I can only commend women who sport the blue or green dip dye.


It started for me with the subtle dip dye of Kate Foley, a buyer for Opening Ceremony (see the picture above). This is a very realistic way of implementing the trend in my daily life and therefore an amazing dip dye inspiration. Patricia and I had fun some time ago with hairspray and blush, a temporary way to dip dye your hair (details here and here) and I was amazed with how well it works. I will definitely be applying this technique more and more. I have a wedding coming up, new years and several fashion parties, so no excuses for not going crazy with blush and pigments. But I figured it was time for the more serious work and decided to set up a inspiration folder of the best dip dyes. Partly to share my newest obsession with you but mostly to enjoy myself with this fun trend.


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Giveaway: #SugarMyCloset


Name one thing a girl can’t live without? Yes, you all crave for it. Sugar. Jewelry. What if we tell you that not only we can give you jewelry, but also -and more importantly- can add some sugar to your accessory closet?

No we’re not talking about a way too early visit from Santa Claus or the resurrection of  Jesus, it’s the sweetest gift from Our favorite belgian accessory webshop Sugar for Your Closet. Owner Joke is celebrating the 1st anniversary of her e-store today and in the light of this great event, she’s giving away a gorgeous pair of Zoe And Morgan earrings. Silver or gold, the choice is all yours! Who needs a christmas tree when you can decorate your ears, right? Read more..

Style Highlight: Lily Aldridge


I have to admit that I’m pretty jealous of this girl. Not only is she gorgeous, she has the rock and roll boyfriend, or I should say husband, but she also has this amazing casual style. You might recognize her as a Victoria Secret Angel or from walking next to hubby Caleb Followill, singer of Kings Of Leon. She has also become quite famous as one of the long time trend setters of the Ombre Hairstyle. And you have to give it to her, she has one of the best hairstyles that I have seen in a while.

Personally I’m more a fan of her casual outfits than her red carpet looks but that might be because her day-time looks are pretty darn cool. She is one of those girls that wears Isabel Marant as her staple brand. Other favorites are Rag&Bone, plain white tees, leather jackets, skinny jeans and jeans shorts. However she also mixes it up with vintage dresses en floral lace. This is a girl that definitely makes you want to join in on the -sex, drugs and rock and roll- party.

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Tomboy Details


I often think that there is nothing classier than a few masculine details in a woman’s outfit, and I am glad that a lot of designers seem to agree this season. Wearing some nice Church’s brogues or hijacking his dress shirt is the perfect move this winter. That said, this girl vs boy influence has been a classic since the beginning of the 20th century, and I can only applaud that. Let’s face it: the boys have some pretty great things going on there. I guess the key to successful tomboy dressing is an ultra feminine detail. A super high stiletto heal or a smoking hot red lip goes a looong way…

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The ultimate guide to glitter shoes.


I’m already the proud owner of these Giuseppe Zanotti booties that you’ve seen before here. They’re the most awesome shoes EVER. The fit, the style, the fact they shine like discoballs. Pure love. I’m careful not to wear my babies when it’s raining, or when I go party or drive my car. Because I want them to last a lifetime. That’s why I need some more sparkle. It keeps calling me. Sometimes it’s a Robert Clergerie flat, sometimes it’s Miu Miu, but it definitely always shines!

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Made By Chickies is looking for brand spanking new faces!

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Our friends from the Leuven born brand MadeBy Chickies are looking for new unique faces for their next campaign. Do you want to be a part of this cool brand and are you available on the third, send an e-mail to or Send them 1 face pic, 1 whole body pic, height & tee size and mention any special features about yourself (tattoo, piercing, scars!). Be sure to also tell them a crazy or cute story about yourself.

See their previous campaign (shot in the city hall of Leuven!) here.

Picture and movie from Made By Chickies

Style Highlight: Lisa Mayock


The beautiful Lisa Mayock is one half of the incredibly amazing brand Vena Cava. I love her designs, but it may be possible that I love her even more. She is one of those women whose style never goes out of fashion. And I just love her Cleopatra-esque do. Absolutely fabulous.

Lisa and Sophie Buhai, the other half of Vena Cava.

Lisa and boyfriend Jeff Halmos, check out their feature on The Coveteur here.

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Rainy days in Barcelona


Last weekend, my boyfriend and I hopped on a plane to Barcelona. I’ve spent my erasmus in this lovely city and ever since then, it has been my go to place for some inspiration. The first two days, the rain was pouring down non-stop. This while we left Belgium behind on a glorious sunny autumn day.

BCN is a city that is made for sunshine. But I know it so well, and even in the rain it makes my day. These pictures were taken at the Sant Antoni Library, designed in 2007 by the Barcelona-based RCR Arquitectes. Read more..