Sugar Snaps


Yesterday, Marijs and I ended up going to Sugar Sunday. The two of us and my lovely mom went to Ghent, to drool over the amazing accessories that Joke Hoogewijs sells in her online shop Sugar For your Closet. On Sugar Sunday, everything goes offline and guests are invited to go to Ghent to check out the pieces in real life.

For those of you who don’t know it yet, it is simply a must (yes I’ve put this in bold) to have a look at Sugar For Your Closet. Joke sells jewelry by Aamaya by Priyanka, Zoë and Morgan, Mawi and CC Skye. She also offers the beautiful leathergoods by this last brand, as well as scarves by Jane Carr and tops by Kain Label. Oh, oh, and shoes by Finsk!

I scored some Zoë and Morgan at half off (pictured above, I just love the art deco vibe), my mom bought two wonderfull CC Skye bracelets and Marijs is still in dubio concerning a CC Skye bag. Honestly, I think the thing is so Marijs, that it would be a crime not to get it.

If all of this doesn’t convince you yet, wait until Joke’s new brand House of Harlow arrives. That is some fiiiine Sugar!

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  1. Nice! The only kind of sugar that’s good for your health and bad for your wallet :)

    Written by Kim on 17 October 2011

  2. It’s sooooo pretty dangedddd

    Written by Marijs on 17 October 2011

  3. Thank you girlssssss. It was a looovely afternoon! Xxx

    Written by Joke on 17 October 2011

  4. I want it all!! :-) Is die laatste cuff in pic House of Harlow of CC Skye? En Marijs: KOOOPPEN die handtas!!

    Written by Kim on 17 October 2011

  5. hey kim! de cuff is de deco cuff van cc skye maar heeft de site nooit gehaald wegens complete adoratie van de ladies op sugar sunday. ze kan bijbesteld worden als je die wilt!

    Written by Joke on 17 October 2011

  6. That last cuff is sick ♥

    Written by Mayflower on 08 December 2012

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