Sounds like fashion


Last week, Ella & Louise was invited to the press launch of Molami. I love it when brands are all about making everyday things feel luxurious, in the case of Molami: headphones. We’ve had our fair share of “fashionable” headphones in the past: from regular iPod ears to WeSC headphones, but nothing has been quite like Molami.

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All in a blur


Last friday, I had a reunion with my college roommates. It had been a couple of years since we’ve all got together and though we are all very different persons with different interests, we most certainly had a blast.

This outfit felt like a combination of my current “grown-up” (yeah right) self and the colour-addicted student I was a couple of years ago. The pics aren’t all that, my BF only had a couple of minutes to take a few snaps before I left. But since we haven’t had an outfitpost up on E&L for a while, I thought I’d share anyway… Read more..

Colour me teal


Ricor/Unknown/ greige design/ Almond branches in Bloom by Van Gogh/ Lina Scheynius for Numéro Tokyo/ Miu Miu Shoes (picture by Sea of Shoes)/ Dries Van Noten AW 2009/ Lina Scheynius for Numéro Tokyo/ Greg Kadel for Numéro Homme #22 FW2011

Weekend tip: (Con)temporary Fashion Days

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Picture: Sandrina Fasoli AW’11

It’s stocksale season and we couldn’t be more excited. Because this means that fashion lovers on a budget can finally get their hands on a well made designer item. I already scored a Dries Van Noten jacket at a firmly reduced price (a.k.a. still barely affordable for me, haha) and Marijs gave into some dangerously high Haider Ackermann booties.

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Step into my bedroom


Last week, Flair Magazine published an article where they looked into the bedrooms of three Flemish women. Apparently, the bedroom is something a lot of their readers find difficult to decorate, so enter the inspiration! My bedroom was featured, and because  I’ve been babbling on about my new flat and decorating, I thought it would be nice to share the pictures with you. The room is filled with things I “inherited” from my mom and grandparents, as well as some treasures from flea markets etc… I am a sucker for anything with a story behind it. Here goes… Read more..

Sugar Snaps


Yesterday, Marijs and I ended up going to Sugar Sunday. The two of us and my lovely mom went to Ghent, to drool over the amazing accessories that Joke Hoogewijs sells in her online shop Sugar For your Closet. On Sugar Sunday, everything goes offline and guests are invited to go to Ghent to check out the pieces in real life.

For those of you who don’t know it yet, it is simply a must (yes I’ve put this in bold) to have a look at Sugar For Your Closet. Joke sells jewelry by Aamaya by Priyanka, Zoë and Morgan, Mawi and CC Skye. She also offers the beautiful leathergoods by this last brand, as well as scarves by Jane Carr and tops by Kain Label. Oh, oh, and shoes by Finsk! Read more..

Peach fuzz


I must say I am totally into this peachy knitwear. Too bad this type of jumper wouldn’t suit me at all. I should find a heavy knitted cardigan in this colour for lounging on the couch on cold winter evenings. As from now, this is soooo on my list.

Images by Tommy Ton & Carolines Mode