Trend Sightings: A beautiful unknown


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Photo: The Styleograph

MONARchy of shoes


Sam Edelman

My trip to the opening of last week started a little later then expected because of precious overtime at the office. Even though I missed most of the party, I got a very sweet reception by the managers of the online venue of one of my favorite stores in Antwerp. MONAR carries brands such as Converse, Paul Smith, Martin Margiela, Chie Mihara and many more. Consequently, every shoe addict such as myself schedules a window shopping moment here in their -weekly- shopping sessions. Now, we can up that number by going to the online shop as well. Here are some of my current cravings from MONAR itself, Fred De La BretoniereJanet&Janet and Sam Edelman.


Fred De La Bretoniere

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Style highlight: Elisa Nalin


The first time I spotted Elisa Nalin was on The Selby. She showed the renowned photographer a look into her wardrobe and life, and boy was that amazing! I am always surprised by her colourful outfits, and I love how she’s not afraid of doing things differently.

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The Details


Some details of an outfit I wore last week. I feel this is going to be a favourite for winter. I’m going to bed now, as I’m feeling a bit under the weather and tomorrow is a big day: the first day of Miele Catwalk! At work, we’ve been preparing for this for months, and it’s going to be huge!

Acne Cypress Boots/ F21 Maxi Skirt/H&M Tee/Casio watch/F21 bracelet

Adventures Close To Home


… is the name of the new collection of La fille d’O, de lingerie collection of the multitasker Murielle Scherre. Since I got the chance to interview Ms. Scherre for my -first- master thesis (yes, I made two), I have been a fan of her work. Admittedly, I have liked the brand for even longer but due to meeting her in person my fondness of the brand grew and I have been following it closely ever since. My birthday is coming up in about a month -hint, hint-

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A week with Precious


There are some moments that are gone forever. For example there is the, now infamous, hippie lady on the train. There is also the man in het STUK in Leuven and that came in with a briefcase and retrieved from that briefcase a teddybear, some trashy magazines and a full! plate of dinner, cerame wrapped and everything. But it’s not only the weird people, it’s the special moments with friends. For example, there is the night that we got three kisses from the one and only Mario Testino, the concert of the Kings of Leon and the time where one of the girlfriends kissed a random boy. All these moments were preciously photographed and kept on my phone. Of course they will always be in my memory but I wished I still had them with me. A couple of weeks ago, my phone was stolen (a second time in a couple of months) and with this, these moments were gone. Now my lovely insurance (thank you Lifeline!) got me a new HTC Wildfire S, a new precious. To celebrate this moment (is this weird?), I decided to take a picture every day of the first week that I got it or … What a camera phone can do for you …

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Keeping with the travel vibe

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Patricia’s post here below has completely put me into the mood for traveling (as it did with many of you). It made me want to drop everything, get into a car and just start driving -preferably somewhere in the wild west-. I felt that these pictures perfectly caught that vibe, not to mention my current affection for some good denim on denim.

Aside from the fact that I’m a fan of these pictures, they are actually the new campaign images from Springfield. Springfield is launching a competition that fits perfectly into this spirit and that’s why I wanted to share this. At the moment there are 11 countries in which there are Springfield stores. In each of these countries, they will give the opportunity to one person and four of his/her friends to stuff as much clothes as they can into a suitcase in three minutes time. Of course they can take these clothes home, but out of these 11 teams, one of them also gets the chance to win a unique trip around Europe. By train they will get to go to Amsterdam, Berlijn, Bra en Gerona. Sounds nice, no? If you wanted to enter the competition, don’t forget to go here!

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