The things I’m craving


Indian summer, California roads and California sun. Feather earrings. The Eagles, The Animals, The Mamas & The Papas, The Zombies and The Stranglers. An empty mind. Aztec prints, Kiboots and Proenza Schouler. Easy Rider. Jimi Hendrix. Janis Joplin. Maxi skirts, layered jewellery & fringes. Freedom.

Last summer, sitting around on a sequoia tree (mine) / Roadtrip (mine)/ Roadtrip 2 (miiiiine)/ Photobooth & the feather/ Easy Rider/Wild child Janis via Google/Jimi Hendrix via The Impossible Cool/ & via Google/ Daria in Vogue UK of June 2009/ Oracle Fox/ Kiboots/ Proenza Schouler/ Punky B/ We heart it/ Liu Wen in Vogue China May 2011/ Elle Russia May 2011/ Bambi for Muse Magazine summer 2011/ Vogue Spain May 2011

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  1. Damn right.

    Written by Lynn on 31 August 2011

  2. Awesome pictures!
    Would love to have those kind of summers here in Belgium :)
    (wishful thinking ;) )


    Written by Laura on 01 September 2011

  3. amazing!

    Written by Tine on 01 September 2011

  4. Memories :) The Eagles, The Animals, The Mamas & The Papas, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin.

    Written by Mariette on 01 September 2011

  5. Amazing pics! It makes me craving even more for a little bit of sun.

    Written by Stephanie on 01 September 2011

  6. Die jurk met uitgesneden rug vind ik echt geweldig! Ook de andere foto’s zijn leuke inspiratie! :) liefs xx

    Written by Melanie on 01 September 2011

  7. F*** ik wil op roadtrip vertrekken!

    Written by Marijs on 01 September 2011

  8. Damn, ik ook Marijs! Trekken we naar het zuiden? GREAT post btw Pats, I sooo get your vibe!

    Written by Kim on 01 September 2011

  9. Awe-some! Adore the pictures.
    You got some great taste in music E&L (besides the great taste in fashion, obviously) :)

    Written by Michaël on 01 September 2011

  10. I love Jimi Hendrix.
    He’s on of my all time favorite musicians and style icons!

    x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

    Written by Krizia on 01 September 2011

  11. The zombies <3<3<3

    Written by Phara on 01 September 2011

  12. [...] Patricia’s post here below has completely put me into the mood for traveling (as it did with many of you). It made me want to drop everything, get into a car and just start driving -preferably somewhere in the wild west-. I felt that these pictures perfectly caught that vibe, not to mention my current affection for some good demin on demin. [...]

    Written by Keeping with the travel vibe – Ella & Louise on 02 September 2011

  13. Love the inspiration! I’m planning a trip to the westcoast of the States next year and your pictures just make me want to go so much more! :)

    Written by Liesbeth on 08 September 2011

  14. [...] 2. I’ve been thinking a lot about a roadtrip I made with ten (yes, ten) of my friends back in 2010. This summer, it will be two years since we made that trip but we’ve seen so much in one month that it has been food for thought ever since then. As time passes, the small things fade away (eleven people in two cars, can you imagine?) and the good times are still so clear in my memories. I still have pictures from that trip that I haven’t shared yet, but you can find some of them in this post and here. [...]

    Written by Happy 1st. – Ella & Louise on 09 February 2012

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