Randomly hanging on a bridge


The last few weeks have been absolutely insane at my work. That is unfortunately one of the reasons why I have been bad at posting on our beloved E&L. To rewind, I joined my 10 something girlfriends in the Belgian Ardennes. My co-editor Patricia was also part of the crew and to finalize what was an awesome weekend we decided to take some pictures on this amazing old bridge that we found. As you can see it was clearly a jeans shirt kind of day.

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  1. It makes me smile!

    Written by Tine on 07 August 2011

  2. Haha zalig!

    Written by Mariette on 07 August 2011

  3. vet!

    Written by Anna-Belle Buyse on 07 August 2011

  4. haha nice!! echt leuk en origineel!!

    Written by sélina on 09 August 2011

  5. Marijs! Those Nikes!!! Ik wil die!!!

    Written by Kim on 09 August 2011

  6. Indeed Kim, ze zijn geniaal hé! Ze zijn van de LOCKWOOD in Antwerpen (zijstraat Nationale)

    Written by Marijs on 10 August 2011

  7. Hele leuke foto’s!

    Written by Cindy on 12 August 2011

  8. leuke foto’s :)

    Written by Federica on 13 August 2011

  9. happy pictures, love it. Marijs, leuke ketting!

    Written by shira on 16 August 2011

  10. Thanks Shira! Wat een geweldige reacties!

    Written by Marijs on 16 August 2011

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