The things I’m craving


Indian summer, California roads and California sun. Feather earrings. The Eagles, The Animals, The Mamas & The Papas, The Zombies and The Stranglers. An empty mind. Aztec prints, Kiboots and Proenza Schouler. Easy Rider. Jimi Hendrix. Janis Joplin. Maxi skirts, layered jewellery & fringes. Freedom.

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Forever 21 Walhalla


On Monday it was the opening of the new Forever 21 store on the Meir in Antwerp. People, I’m telling you, this is a store that requires concentration! No faint hearted shopper will find there way through this shopping Walhalla. I was there with my fellow E&L blogger Patricia and we had some difficulties. After reinstating discipline, we were able to work our way through this beautiful store and we found some great stuff.  I was able to score a couple of great jewelry pieces and an coral red blazer that will spice up many outfits to come. Among other things, Patricia found an amazing floor length pleated wine-red skirt. As a cherry on top of the pie, I also finally got to meet several of my fellow bloggers which I didn’t get a chance to meet yet. Thanks to Oona, Forever 21 and the sweet bloggers for a very fun night.

Patricia and Me

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Hello, lover


New in my wardrobe: these peachy Acne boots. Because I really needed another pair of ankle boots (NOT). No, seriously, I was really craving some Acne for fall. And I found these babies on sale in New York. Perfection.

E&L craves for…


Tonight, it’s the opening of the Forever 21 store in Antwerp, and we can’t wait to see some of our favorite fellow bloggers on the event. We also can’t wait to try on this kimono jacket. And take it home.

Picture Perfect #2


I love everything about this photo, the fact that she is sitting on the table, her camera, her hat, her smile and most of all her Clarks Original shoes. Sometimes a girl doesn’t need heels.

Photo:  Pretty Stuff

Vintage San Francisco


(Pic from last year in SF. That’s Eline in the background by the way, I’ll try to upload some pics of the awesome outfit she wore here later. And maybe some SF snapshots, just because…)

Today, I rediscovered a dress that instantly put a smile on my face: one that is so wrong that it is right. It’s a vintage piece that I bought last year in San Francisco while I was road trippin’ with my favorite allies. Read more..

Randomly hanging on a bridge


The last few weeks have been absolutely insane at my work. That is unfortunately one of the reasons why I have been bad at posting on our beloved E&L. To rewind, I joined my 10 something girlfriends in the Belgian Ardennes. My co-editor Patricia was also part of the crew and to finalize what was an awesome weekend we decided to take some pictures on this amazing old bridge that we found. As you can see it was clearly a jeans shirt kind of day.

Planking goes High Fashion


If you are like me and you listen to a lot of Studio Brussels or if you haven’t have been living under a rock then you are going to have heard of Planking. In case you are completely out of the loop, planking is laying as stiff as possible at a completely random place.  For some reason I always have to chuckle when I see a planking picture. The complete uselessness of this activity just does it for me. For me it began with the very handsome Jared Followil (of The Kings of Leon) and his twitter account.

However, now planking has officially gone high fashion. As this has become such a worldwide phenomenon, the photographer David Toro decided to do an editorial for Dis Magazine. Random locations and high fashion are the key elements here and it absolutely works. However, it might not be the best way to sell clothes!

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