On the inside.


Soooo, I’ve found this ridiculously spacious flat on the Upper East side in Antwerp. It was built in the thirties, has wooden floors, a walk in closet, and is on the 9th floor with a 270° view of the city. Needless to say that I am pretty damn pleased with this. Especially after paying almost double the rent for a flat of 27 square metres in London.

As the BF is an architect, he is even happier with this space. And the past months, in our spare time, we both went loco on the furniture hunt. We’ve managed to hunt down a chesterfield sofa, two cabinets, 5 lamps, 7 chairs, a painting and some kitchen utensils at thrift stores and flea markets. The only problem was moving everything inside the flat. One incredibly stressful day and a lot of helping hands later, we managed to get everything upstairs. Right now, everything is starting to come together and is looking quite nice, it just needs some finishing touches and a thorough cleaning. I’ve been working (and playing) so hard however, that I simply  haven’t had the time. Right now, I’m sitting in my sofa sweating out a summer flu, with the sunshine on my face. It’s almost nice because this means I finally have some time for myself. To look at some pictures, and dream about upcoming DIY-projects. Maybe next weekend?

I hope you enjoy the inspirational pictures I’ve gathered the past few weeks. I’ll show you some pics of my flat…soon-ish!

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  1. Die schoenenkast en geweldige kleurencombo’s. Het is duidelijk dat we in hetzelfde kleurenpallet zitten te dromen :) Je mag altijd komen helpen met mijn DIY! Morgen mijn badkamer een beetje verven en het perfecte muntgroen uitzoeken voor mijn tafel. Heb trouwens een schat gevonden op de zolder van mijn oma –> More to come!

    Written by Marijs on 11 July 2011

  2. great minds think alike baby ;) morgen verven? dagje vrij?

    Written by Patricia on 11 July 2011

  3. Hier wil ik onmiddellijk intrekken !! Je interieurstijl evenaart je fashion-feeling !!!

    Written by Machteld on 11 July 2011

  4. Wauw! Geweldig appartement. Wat een ruimte. En kudos voor het interieur!

    Written by Fe on 12 July 2011

  5. Patricia, je hebt echt een leuke interieurstijl!! love it!!! echt een leuke mix !

    Written by Sélina on 12 July 2011

  6. Prachtige foto’s! Ik kan ook echt uren kijken naar inspirerende interieurs! Liefst van al zou ik elk jaar verhuizen. Ik hou er ook van om kringloopwinkels ed af te schuimen om perfecte en toffe meubels te vinden.

    Ik ben alvast heel benieuwd naar je appartement!

    Written by Imelda on 12 July 2011

  7. oh wat ‘n mooie stijl – nu ben ik wel erg benieuwd naar jouw nest :) als dit zo perfect lijkt als de foto’s ben ik altijd bereid om op visite te komen – moehaha ps: join the summerflu club

    Written by Bie on 14 July 2011

  8. :o I want my house to be exactly like in the pictures!

    Written by Afrodite on 17 July 2011

  9. Hah, die schoenenkast is echt een superleuk idee!

    Written by Laura on 08 August 2011

  10. [...] readers find difficult to decorate, so enter the inspiration! My bedroom was featured, and because  I’ve been babbling on about my new flat and decorating, I thought it would be nice to share the pictures with you. The room is filled with things I [...]

    Written by Step into my bedroom – Ella & Louise on 19 October 2011

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