Madeira Pt.3 – Island Endeavours


Nostalgia is an ever recurring theme on our blog. As you would have noticed, we at Ella and Louise are a big fans of travelling. That’s why I wanted to show you the rest of Madeira. It took me a while to find the time to select the photos that I wanted to share with you. I can’t believe that I’ve been back for two weeks but can still visualize the beauty of this island. As I said before, this island is all about eating, nature and relaxing. Sometimes you have to look beyond the amount of tourists, but this didn’t stop me to enjoy the place where villages are often no more than one street. If I would have to decide on my favorite moments, it would be learning how to scuba dive and seeing an octopus between the rocks, spotting wild dolphins and seeing them swing about a meter underneath me and snorkeling in the gorgeous lava beach below (and the only one on the island). Is it obvious that I’m a big fan of being in the water?

At Prainha beach, the only sand beach on the island

How the Madeiran Bluefin Tuna is divided amongst local restaurants and villagers

Porto Moniz: where volcanic lava flowing down created several natural swimming pools next to the seaside. When the sea is ranging, it is often difficult to see where the pool ends and the sea starts. These natural swimming pools are very typical to the island.

One of the many, many waterfalls on this island

Drying fish in Câmara de Lobos, where the men literally sit around all day to drink and play games on the street. After visiting this village, I understood why there were financial difficulties.

The best seafood, Limpets or Lapas (in São Vincente)

In Santana, where this traditional hillside houses are the main touristic attraction

At the trout farm in Ribeiro Frio, just one of the villages that consists out of not more then one street

On top of Pico do Arieiro at 1.818 meters

On the plateau Paul da Serra where the farm cows are allowed to roam free

All over the eastern part of the island, you can see lots of black trees. After a little research I found out that this is because of the long forest fire last summer. These fires caused one of the rarest bird species in the world, the Zino’s Petrel, to go into near extinction (again). Less then 100 of these birds are still alive.

Some athleticism on the town village in Calheta.

Hope you like the pictures.

I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

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  1. ziet er mooi uit!

    Written by Anna-Belle Buyse on 10 June 2011

  2. Ik heb niet zo’n geweldige herinneringen aan Madeira, vooral door bijna-dood-ervaringen op die smalle weggetjes en studeren voor mijn herexamens Economie en Statistiek, MAAR dankzij deze foto’s komt er toch al wat positiefs terug naar boven! Zeker die zwembaden tussen de rotsen… HEERLIJK x

    Written by Kathleen Vandendriessche on 10 June 2011

  3. @Anna-belle: Thanks
    @Kathleen: Ik heb ook wel een paar angstige momenten achter de rug door die smalle en buitengewoon steile weggetjes, maar concentreren op het positieve hé :)

    Written by Marijs on 10 June 2011

  4. Cool, ziet er leuk uit! Weer eentje op de to-do-lijst :)

    Written by Laura on 10 June 2011

  5. Madeira looks really beautiful! :)
    You mentioned the Zero’s Patrel is going into near extinction, but do you know the (bluefin) tuna is really endangered?

    Written by Laurette on 10 June 2011

  6. AAAAAARGH, door overal reisverhalen te lezen en foto’s te zien op allerhande blogs heb ik het weer hoog in mijn bol gekregen.. ik wil vertrekken!!! en wel NU!!

    Written by Anna-Belle Buyse on 10 June 2011

  7. @Laurette, I know, thanks for mentioning it! I’m actually quite involved in such issues, but I wanted to show the picture because I felt that it showed a different way of living

    Written by Marijs on 10 June 2011

  8. I really love this post :) The pictures are beyond amazing! Wish I was there right now (exams suck big time) Btw, you look great with that straw hat! It’s a keeper! :)

    Written by Kim on 10 June 2011

  9. Amai, zo’n mooie foto’s!
    Wil ik ook wel eens naar toe :)

    Written by Stiene on 11 June 2011

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    Written by Instadiary #2 – Ella & Louise on 18 June 2012

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