Come on Eileen.


I have no idea what my friend Eline will think when she spots this picture of herself on Ella & Louise, but it just kept coming back to me and I thought I’d share. I snapped this photo of her on a warm april day when we were spending some time at the beach with friends. I just love the colours in this picture. The way her skin tone matches her blouse and the sand… I hope to show you some pics of her amazing dress sense soon. If she doesn’t kill me for posting this picture, that is.

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  1. Eline! Ik heb dat bloesje ook ;) ! Geweldig bloesje :) en inderdaad zéér mooie foto!

    Written by Eline De Boeck on 21 June 2011

  2. Pretty pretty! We want more ;)

    Written by Laura on 21 June 2011

  3. very pretty, Eline !!

    Written by Sélina on 22 June 2011

  4. Super mooie foto! De kleuren zijn idd echt prachtig :)

    Written by Carlota on 10 July 2011

  5. Thanks :)

    Written by Patricia on 11 July 2011

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