Madeira Moments Pt. 2 – Funchal Endeavours


Madeira is as tropical as an island in Europe is ever going to get. On this island I spent a week snorking, driving around, learning how to dive and enjoying the Madeiran food. I couldn’t resist showing you the dolphins and whales in the wild before, but now I would like to show you a little bit of the rest. When going to Madeira, you can expect an abundance of tropical fruits, delicious fish and lots of nature. I would really recommend not staying too long in the ‘capital’ Funchal as the touristy feel of this island’s center gets a little much quite quickly. The rest of the island on the other hand is really amazing. If you’re into the outdoor sports, you can go snorkeling and diving (as I did) but also surfing, horseback riding in the mountains and most importantly for this island, walking. You can however also see the island by renting a car and by amazing yourself at the little roads that you manged to conquer (you might think that conquering is a little bit of an exaggeration, but really, it’s not). In this report, I’ll show you a little bit of Funchal.

A view of the harbor: every boat that comes in, leaves a small postcard on the wall of the harbor

The famous Reid’s Palace, a gorgeous hotel with a worthwhile Italian restaurant next to it

With Christopher Columbus in one of Madeira’s many gardens

Sunbathing; lizard style (told you I was an animal lover)

If you ever make it to Madeira, this is a restaurant that you definitely have to visit. You can find it in Rua Da Santa Maria 5A. I can’t take all the credit for discovering this as a dear friend told me it was a most-do. It is the kind of restaurant where you can find both locals and tourist, just because the food is that good. We ate the Limpets and the Espada, both typical Madeiran seafood dishes. Simply amazing, just what the doctor recommended.

The Beatles Boat – aka a boat that was once owned by The Beatles, on which several legendary parties were hosted and on which John Lennon and George Harrison and their wives once took a sailing holiday on.

I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

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  1. LOOOOVEEE it Marijs! Beautiful pictures! :) You really look so relaxed and pretty! Damn, I need a holiday…

    Written by Kim on 29 May 2011

  2. I´ve never been in Madeira but is definetely one of the trips i´d like to do. Anyway, you should first know the continental part of Portugal as i know you were not there yet. If i´m there, you are always welcome to use me as a guide.

    Written by Pedro Silva on 29 May 2011

  3. Waar is de RSS feed :-)
    Ik had de helft van de fotos niet herkend zonder de tekst te lezen, erg he

    Written by Catharina on 29 May 2011

  4. Chez Jaquet, we ate the grilled dorado, simply good fish!

    Written by Mariette on 11 June 2012

  5. Jeej, happy you liked it! Did you try the Lapas? Still drooling at the thought of them. It is very simple food but it is so fresh that it is delicious!

    Written by Marijs on 12 June 2012

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