Life after London


I knew our love affair was only temporary. It had to end sometime. And last monday the time had come. I’d packed all weekend and shipped a bunch of clothes, books and DVD’s with TNT, only to fear I would never see them again after seeing our courier throw one of the boxes carelessly on the ground and leave it unattended to grab a coke. That left me with two more giant suitcases to carry home, and never ending bags of garbage that are now somewhere in the UK, wasting away.

I’ve been home for a week now, and between looking for a job and looking for a flat, it hasn’t really sunk in that I am not going back. What I do know is that it has been wonderful and difficult at the same time. Lonely at times, but crazy and amazing. It was the best opportunity in my life to meet people from all around the world, from Brazil to Thailand to Japan to (even) Belgium, who I hope to see again as soon as possible. I’ve survived living in a 27m2 mice infested studio with my boyfriend without wanting to slash his throat. I’ve never paid so much money for a taxi as I did in London, and never before did it take three hours to get home at night while coming from the other part of town. I’ve completely run out of cash and feared that I couldn’t pay the bills. And I’ve never been so high and never been so low. But in the end, it was all worth it.

I’ll miss Hackney, Broadway market, and all its hipsters. I’ll miss the guy that runs our off licence and the girl that serves me food in The Corner. I’ll miss British courtesy, soy cappuccino’s and not paying for Amazon shipping. And I’ll miss walking around in the city and seeing a landmark, all of a sudden realizing that, shit, I’m living in London. I may never live there again but at least I know I enjoyed every last second of it. And who knows, the next stop might just be New York, in a couple of years…

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  1. Mood-swinging post!

    My mood was killed by the weather, you brought it back to life!

    Written by Gilles on 12 April 2011

  2. Oh Gilles that’s so sweet! :D thanks :)

    Written by Patricia on 12 April 2011

  3. Lovely & inspiring to read :) I’m sure you’ll go to other amazing places in the future and in the mean time you can enjoy what beautiful Belgium has to offer :)

    Written by Kim on 12 April 2011

  4. I can totally relate to the feeling you describe. It’s something about cities, they’re exhilarating and depressing at the same time. They offer so many chances, but it’s hard not to lose yourself in the vast anonymity. Belgium must feel safer and more familiar, though probably also more boring :)

    Written by Catherine on 12 April 2011

  5. Lovely article! Wanted to go to London College of Fashion as well. How difficult is it to get into that college?

    Written by Christin on 12 April 2011

  6. soy cappuccino’s kunnen we hier ook drinken. what do you say, soy cappuccino meets carmel macchiato?? (maybe saturday?)

    Written by Anna-Belle Buyse on 12 April 2011

  7. Sweet I am sure that anyone that lives in London and met people that we met, will never forget this city!
    And please come to Brasil to.. hhahahahah kisses and hugs miss you!

    Written by Eduarda Vicenzi on 12 April 2011

  8. Beautifully put. After 8 years in London, I still feel that way about the city…. We miss you here! xxx

    Written by Alex on 13 April 2011

  9. Oh, dat is zo triestig om te lezen :( Ik zou het echt niet leuk vinden om terug in crappy Belgium te zijn :/ Maaarrrr… hier wachten u ook nog heel leuke dingen!


    Written by Afrodite on 13 April 2011

  10. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone :)
    @Anna-Belle: Ben aan de zee zaterdag snorry!
    @Eduarda: How are youuu! I’ll be in Brazil as soon as I have money haha :D
    @Alex: It’s nice to hear that from a true Belgian turned Londoner :)
    @Christin: I guess it depends on what you want to study :)

    Written by Patricia on 13 April 2011

  11. I’m Belgian and I’m in London at the moment for a 3 months internship, my office is in Shoreditch :) So I understand and I feel every single emotion that you describe (and it’s so strange at the same time to read someone expressing what I feel :D )! You’re absolutely right, what an amazing city, what an amazing experience! Good luck in Belgium … or everywhere else!

    (Your blog is amazing too, congrats!)

    Written by Anne-Catherine on 15 April 2011

  12. Oh boy…ben net jullie 1 year anniversary aan het lezen en klikte hierop door…bijna tranen in m’n ogen! LOVE IT

    Written by You Saved The Queen on 09 February 2012

  13. [...] year before, september is the month when I really feel that London itch. It always seems like all these feelings come rushing back. Maybe something to keep in mind for next year when we’re planning [...]

    Written by On my mind #7 – Ella & Louise on 12 September 2013

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