Summer bliss at Coachella 2011


The festival season is soon approaching in Belgium and I have to admit that I’m a big fan. Festivals provide us with an escape from daily life, great music, great friends and last but not least great style. To provide you with some inspiration, I would like to show you a recap of the best outfits from Coachella 2011. My personal favorite is the first outfit from Diane Kruger as I have been craving for a full length skirt for some time now. Which outfit is your favorite?

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Lady in Red & Baby in Lee


It’s been a busy week for Ella & Louise! Press days, a Paris trip, jobhunt, moving, working at stocksales and Easter celebrations…Sometimes we feel like we don’t even have the time to breathe! But…we had some good talks, discovered interesting brands, had a lot of fun and some of us (errr… ME!) got to see Karl Lagerfeld in real life. More details coming up, but today I will leave you with these things: pictures of the beautiful Tiany Kiriloff at the press days and some shots of our attempts to dress up the Lee bike at the Listen Up HQ! Tiany, Kim, Gilles, Afrodite and I really tried our best…

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Sneek peek

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I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

Photo: Bohoberry

Live at C&A Düsseldorf


So I managed to get out of bed after only three hours of sleep and drag my tired ass to Vilvoorde, where I hopped on a bus to Düsseldorf. I arrived at the C&A fashion show mere minutes ago, and got a front row seat next to Immi, Kim and Annabeth. I’ll keep you posted during the show via twitter! Dutch readers can also check for more news!

Immi & me!

Something about Susie

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I just came across this amazing picture of Susie Lau, and couldn’t help but share! Time for bed now, I have to get up early to go to Düsseldorf. Why? I’ll tell you all about it…tomorrow!


To the Dam


Well, isn’t my BF the sweetest. We have this joint obsession for the South-African Electro/Jazz formation Goldfish, and they are playing in Amsterdam this thursday. This weekend he surprised me by telling me he booked tickets to the concert weeks ago! That means that I will be spending thursday and friday in Amsterdam! I’ve only been there one day before, ever, and tips are more than welcome! Where do I go/what do I see?



If you live in Belgium, you may have heard something about Essentiel‘s new Flash Collection. Or noticed it in your local flagshipstore, because it is kind of hard to miss. The vibrant colours combined with stripes and crisp whites make a striking combination, that puts us in an instant summer mood. Or make us want to jump on the nearest boat and go all bananas with the sailor references.

We had a look in both Leuven and Brussels when the collection launched. Because we can’t deny our Leuven roots, and we couldn’t miss the cointreaupolitans in Brussels. Although Essentiel uses more or less the same concept for every shop, the Brussels store continues to be one of my  favorite stores in the country. It might have something to do with the fact that I went there when it had just opened in 2007 during my first internship and was completely struck by the design, the combination of patterns and the perfect integration of non-essentiel products like candles and books. To me, that was the moment Essentiel became the allround brand it is today. Enjoy the pictures of the event, and the beautiful store of course…


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My current music addiction…


…is AKS ft. Lola with Give it Back. I realize that this is no shocking news to those in Belgium, so please forgive me for being late, London is to blame. To all you non-Belgians: this is a group to keep an eye on! AKS or Addicted Kru Sound come from Kim, Marijs and my hometown Leuven, and have been locally known for quite some time. Enjoy the music video and be enchanted by Lola’s powerful voice.

Life after London


I knew our love affair was only temporary. It had to end sometime. And last monday the time had come. I’d packed all weekend and shipped a bunch of clothes, books and DVD’s with TNT, only to fear I would never see them again after seeing our courier throw one of the boxes carelessly on the ground and leave it unattended to grab a coke. That left me with two more giant suitcases to carry home, and never ending bags of garbage that are now somewhere in the UK, wasting away.

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