Shoe Delight


It’s hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes and that’s why you sometimes need really special shoes. New Look was able to provide us with shoes, shoes and more shoes when we were invited to the opening of the new store in Brussels thanks to the lovely people of Tan Dem. They really hit the spot with a buffet of candy, champagne à volonté, lots of clothes and some french fries to end the evening. I have to say, there is a certain level of difficulty to holding a pile of clothes and shoes while balancing a glass in your other hand, but we made it in the end. And of course we didn’t go home empty-handed.

I finally got to meet the lovely Kim from BrunetteBlogging!

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Dear Elizabeth Taylor,


When I first got to know you, you were Cleopatra. I must have been only 4 or 5 years old, and I saw you on TV around Christmastime. You were always on TV around Christmastime. I could have never watched the whole movie back then, but I remembered your graceful appearance. Cleopatra was a heroine of mine at the time, not to mention my style icon, and I used to walk into the salon saying I wanted my hair like hers. I remember the hairdresser and my mom having a laugh, while the dark locks on my head were being shaped like Cleopatra’s.

I guess I know you best as Maggie The Cat from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I’ve spent the bigger part of last year analyzing Maggie’s every move, every word, and every change of clothes. I’ve seen her pull her stocking up about a hundred times, while Paul Newman gazed the other way. I’ve heard her ramble on and scream she’s alive. I’ve learned to love her in the process. And you, for that matter.

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Here comes the sun


Saturday’s weather left no doubt: spring is in town. So I went to Broadway market and Primrose hill with my boyfriend, and caught up with a friend afterwards. I finally made it to Abbey Road, only to be annoyed by the people constantly taking a picture on the famous crossing. I just think it’s quite ironic that for the number of “fans” that are swarming around the studio’s, there never is anyone camping out at 3 Savile Row (a.k.a. the Apple Building and the location of the rooftop concert). There’s a little of my own personal Beatlemania for you, and I will leave it at that -for now-…

This perfect day was followed by a perfect night of seeing old friends, BBQ and dancing. And of course, there are some pictures to prove it…

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Ella and Louise craves for…


This perfect little blazer from New Look. For some major minimalism without the maxi price tag.


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So, there are new clothes up on Lily and the Lady, and mostly that means… new photoshoot! I told you I went back to Belgium for work a couple of weeks ago, well the results are in and up on the site. I hope you enjoy the images of our “killerwoman”-shoot!

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Style Highlight: Mary Kate Steinmiller


I’ve had the first picture of this lady for some time without knowing who she was. Finally one of my new favorite blogs, The Coveteur, relieved from my curiosity. As the fashion market editor at Teen Vogue, Mary Kate Steinmiller is often spotted next to an other Ella&Louise favorite Taylor Tomasi Hill. Apart from being a Teen Voguette and being spotted by several streetstyle bloggers, Mary Kate spends her free time making friendship bracelets which she sells at Charlotte Ronson’s store in NY and Fred Segal (If you’re interested in making one of your own, you can always look at this DIY video by MK herself). I’m actually trying to find an online store that sells them but no luck so far.

This girl definitely has a love for demin and high heels. The way that she combines bold statement pieces in a very natural way makes my little green friend appear. I could never get away with her round shaped sweaters (damn you womanly curves) but love how she wears them to dress down an otherwise very fancy outfit.  She really makes me crave a floor-length skirt and the perfect denim jacket. Anyway, enough time wasted, let’s look at some pictures.

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Yet Another Taylor Moment

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I found this photo of the lovely Taylor Tomasi Hill and had to share. The colors in this picture are beyond amazing.

I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

Photo: Phill Taylor

Anouck at Paris Fashion Week


Anouck Lepère is one of Belgium’s best models. I found this picture on the newly discovered streetstyle blog Vanessa Jackman. I love how many different textures and shapes there are in this outfit.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

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Bloggers’ Day of Silence


There will be no post tomorrow on Ella & Louise, as it is Bloggers Day of Silence for Japan. Take a look at the website For Japan With Love for more info on how to help.