Braving the Cold


Once again winter has come to town. Images of a Coca-Cola Christmas, twinkling lights and cold snowy walks come to mind. I don’t know what to say, but winter –and Christmas- time always make me happy. Maybe it is a relic from the time I spent in Copenhagen but I’m always up for a walk down Tivoli followed by a nice hot chocolate milk. However, not all is cheerful and jolly. With winter also comes waiting an hour for your bus while you have lost the feeling in your toes and nice leather shoes are being destroyed by the salt that is poured all over our sidewalks.

So every year the same dilemma pops into my head, what to wear? To solve this dilemma I usually turn to my favorite city of all time, New York. As a city of many cold winters, it is also the city of very stylish inhabitants and my favorite television shows. Therefore, some inspiration:

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Clawy Cravings

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I have wanted this Pamela Love bracelet ever since I saw The Selby photograph the matching ring at Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s flat. And I despise birds.

Prepster vs. Hipster

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Marijs is teasing me lately about something that is undeniable: I’ve started adoring some looks that, before, I mocked. This mostly means that my wishlist now contains preppy items like loafers, Hermes-scarfs and a bag of a certain brand of which I’d never thought I’d allow it to be in my wardrobe – ever.

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For me too, it has become somewhat of a fashion identity crisis. Frankly, I blame Alexa Chung for her perfect mix of vintage and preppy items. And London, which seems to be full of Alexa-style lookalikes. If you ask me, it is all about contrast. Only one way to find out if I could make this look work…

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