This is the end, and the start of something new.



We’ve been thinking about this for a long time. And we’ve been working on this for the past few months. But as we write this, it suddenly becomes very real. After almost 2,5 years of good fun, collaborations and great opportunities, we’ve decided to move on from Ella & Louise. We will both be blogging from different platforms from now on. Because we feel it makes things simpler for our readers. Because it allows us to eliminate a lot of e-mails in our busy lives. Because it is the next step our own personal development. To us, this is very scary and exciting at the same time. We’ve never done this on our own after all! But it is time to cut the cord and fly out of the nest, so we can each share our own stories and step up our game.

So all that’s left here to say is “Thank you“. For reading our ramblings the past few years. For supporting us. For voting for us which resulted in winning that blog award two years in a row.

This is not really goodbye, it’s a new chapter and we’re moving house. And we’ve agreed to finally play photographer for some outfit shoots for each other. Since we’ve never done that, that really seems about time, no?

All our love,

Marijs & Patricia

PS: Here’s a little teaser of our websites that we will launch tomorrow, just to give you an idea of what we’re going to do! We will be launching our sites tomorrow in the afternoon, in the meantime feel free to already follow Marijs here and Patricia here!

Launch Moodboard Rooftop Antics

Rooftop Antics will be Marijs’ new playground. Here she shares everything that triggers her and gets her excited. She will share her favorite looks, travels, interior ideas, must-listen tunes, go-to recipes and much more. Rooftop Antics is all about the ultimate feeling of new discoveries and experiences.

No Glitter No Glory will be Patricia’s new home on the web. It will be a place to document her adventures and inspiration. Fashion, travel, interior, stories and movies & TV will be the main focus on the blog.

We’re working on a little something

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Can you guess what it is?

Guillaume Lechat //Kate Bosworth x Topshop //Liz taylor by Frank Worth// Picture by Tom Verstraeten// Heartfelt Hannah //Kings of Leon // Chairs via Remain Simple// Picture of Patricia in her bedroom by Karel Daems //Asian girl via vlinspiratie

Some new fall favorites


Autumn is in full swing and I’m totally digging it. With the lovely weather we’ve been having here in Belgium, it’s been a great vibe. We still have the sunshine AND can do fall dressing, awesome! Here are some of my new fall essentials.

1. Timberland x La Fille d’O boots

Winter is getting rougher each year so I’m very happy to welcome these Timberland boots to my wardrobe. Not just Timberlands, but very special limited edition La Fille d’O x Timberland boots, lasered with the tattoos of the lingerie brand’s founder. The idea is that you balance on two extremes, luxuria and chastity in my case. This collab celebrates both 10 years of La Fille d’O and 40 years of Timberland. That’s my kind of shoe! In fact they’re so special that if you want a pair, you can only order them this or next saturday at Marcoz Antwerp (so on the 5th or 12th of october). It’s definitely worth the trip as the lasering is free with a new pair of 6” Premium Timberland boots and you get to choose between Chastity vs Luxuria and Humility vs Superbia. Read more..

The Puzzle Called Life

I’m turning 26 in a few days which marks the second quarter of a century. Getting older can seem a bit scary to me. It seems like there is a big divide within my peers of people knowing what they want out of life (which can be a steady job, a family and a house) and others that can’t answer that question just yet. I’m part of that second category. Considering myself an ambitious young women who doesn’t like to sit still, I can feel myself torn between discovering the world and staying put to work on my career. Call it a battle between the heart and the head or just plain old quarter life crisis (but don’t say that out loud).
This made me turn to my friends and I noticed I’m not the only one who couldn’t answer this question. I have friends that are quitting their jobs to go back to school or go traveling for a year and almost all of them have changed jobs at least once (FYI we’re about 3 years into the working life). As exemplary generation Y kids, we believe that a great career is a career in which we truly love our jobs. “If you love you’re job, you won’t have to work a day in your life” and that kind of thing. A lot has been written about generation Y and our expectations of life – more often negative than positive-. And yes, it is true, we do have very high expectations of life but we’re also prepared to work hard to get where we want to go.
26, that’s getting quite close to the big Tree O. Because we’re all working towards our version of the perfect life, it can sometimes feel like a race against the clock. Read more..

Antwerp – The Recollection


You may or may not know that we are head over heels in love with our hometown Antwerp. And oh how we jump for joy whenever a new hotspot opens its doors. In the beginning of September, The Recollection came to town. An amazing new concept store in my favorite street in town: De Kloosterstraat.

The Recollection houses clothing and accessories, interior objects, art, books, beauty products and even flowers. It’s a unique space where you can spend your time browsing the impressive items The Recollection has to offer. From Australian beauty brand Aesop to the designs of Maison Martin Margiela, the shop slash gallery is one big paradise for people who love fashion and design. One thing is for sure: this shop is a must when you’re visiting Antwerp. Check out the website for details on their amazing brands including Piet Hein Eek and Haustier.

Read more..

Isabel Marant for H&M


This is most definitely my favorite collaboration of H&M so far and probably the only one I’ll be in line for on the 14th of November. I want it all, all I tell you! Yes, especially the boots, the jacket in the first picture, the cardigan in the second picture, the jacket in the third,… PS: Please let me through when you see me walking by as a madwomen at 5am on the 14th, thank you in advance.

All photos from Racked

I’m happy to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

On my mind #7

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1. New Home

Remember that massive purchase I mentioned here? Well, the cat is out of the bag: it’s an apartment. Buying this flat with my boyfriend has been both terrifying and exciting, and now that we have the space, I can’t wait to truly make it our own. Needless to say, pinterest is a playground for me these days. We move in march or april, so we have plenty of time to pick and choose everything.

2. Keeping up with NYFW

Loving the usual suspects (for me, at least): 3.1 Phillip LimAlexander Wang and Proenza Schouler. Adored Ostwald Helgason. And then there’s always the delicate and feminine Tocca.

3. Arctic Monkeys at Club 69

Arctic Monkeys played an intimate show for Club 69 at Cafe Corsari right here in Antwerp on tuesday. I was lucky enough to be there and I have to be honest: it’s been dominating my week. I’ve been talking about it non stop: to my friends, my boyfriend and on twitter. It’s kind of bordering obsession, really. I just love their new CD and the concert was pretty great too. So happy they’ll be back in november. Read more..

E&L craves for…

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… this amazing suede jacket by Sofie Valkiers for Essentiel. We went to the presentation of Sofie’s capsule collection and I have to be honest here: when I quickly scrolled trough the items on my phone earlier that day, seeing only the product shots, I didn’t know if I would really like the collection that much for myself. But when I saw the details in real life, I was most definitely wowed. All the styles were really wearable and versatile, inspired on Sofie’s own style. And I could definitely see myself wearing these pieces. At first I thought the black clutch was my favorite, but as soon as I touched the soft suede of the jacket, I was sold. It has a great length and fantastic fit, simply amazing! Congrats Sofie on doing such a great job!

Pictures by Zanita Morgan and Jens Mollenvanger

10 Great Ways To Use Washi Tape



Last Christmas I replicated this great washi tape reindeer on my very empty, very white kitchen wall. A year later, I figured it was time for something new and I will be changing up my kitchen wall by putting up a quote I really like. Because that kids, is the amazing part about washi or masking tape. When you’re bored of it, you can just take it off. Something that isn’t so easy when you stenciled it on your wall. Washi tape can not only be used on your walls, there are so many ways in which you can get creative. The best part about this material is that you can find it in all kinds of colors and patterns and it will not break the bank. Here are 10 of my favorites:

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This is why I love London


Movie night in a hot tub. I mean come on! ‘Nuff said.

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